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About Engr. Garnet Danlag | Professional Electronics Engineer

Engr. Garnet Danlag, PECE Sign & Seal, is a Professional Electronics Engineer (PECE-36) with extensive experience in designing and implementing various electronic systems. Since 2008, Engr. Danlag has been committed to quality and precision, ensuring safety and efficiency in all projects. Available 24/7, Engr. Danlag provides a wide range of services, including design, PEZA and LGU Electronics Permits, Plans, Certificates of Safety for FDAS, CCTV, NTC Dealers Permits, and more.

Available 24/7 Service

Design, Signs PEZA and LGU Electronics Permit, Plans, Certificate of Safety of FDAS, CCTV, NTC Dealers Permit, etc.

Our Services

Engr. Garnet Danlag offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet your electronic system needs. Our expertise covers various aspects of electronics engineering, ensuring quality, safety, and efficiency in every project.


Detailed and precise electronic system plans tailored to your requirements.


High-quality CCTV systems for enhanced security and surveillance.


Reliable Local Area Network (LAN) solutions for your connectivity needs.


Advanced telephone system installations and maintenance.

Electronics Permit

Assistance with obtaining necessary electronics permits for your projects.

Door Access System

Secure and efficient door access systems for controlled entry.

Public Address System

Effective public address systems for clear and reliable communication.

Nurse Call System

Responsive nurse call systems for healthcare facilities.

Distributed Antenna System

Enhanced signal coverage with distributed antenna systems.

BMS (Building Management System)

Integrated building management systems for efficient operations.

IBS (In-Building Solutions)

Custom in-building solutions for improved indoor connectivity.

Certificate of Safety and Reliability

Certification for the safety and reliability of your electronic systems.

Project Gallery

A collection of images showcasing completed projects, systems installations, and on-site work.